Feb 16, 2019 1:23:22 PM


SkyDocs is a lightweight static documentation builder with MarkDown.

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SkyDocs is a software that takes your MarkDown files and build a complete website with some magic tricks !
You can configure everything you want : theme, pages, menus, ...


  • Lightweight
  • Cross-platform (you need Java)
  • Write your documentation in MarkDown
  • Use jtwig template engine
  • Host it anywhere : it's static !
  • Responsive and HTML5 valid theme provided
  • Generate a multi-language documentation
  • Fast building
  • Automatically minifies HTML, CSS and JS files in production mode
  • A lot more !


Everything you need to know is available in the menu Documentation.
If you want a real example of the possibilities of SkyDocs, well, you must know that this website has been built using SkyDocs and that its source code is available here.


If you are interested, you can download SkyDocs on this page. You can also read the software's review on Softpedia.


There are some options if you would like to contribute to this project : you can star it (it helps having a better visibility) or fork it on Github. Or if you prefer, you can simply follow its advancement.

If you really like this project, please consider making a donation. I would really appreciate it.